Thursday , November 30 2023
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Bigg Boss 17 3rd November 2023 Written Episod

In today’s Bigg Boss 17 2nd November 2023 episode 19 (Day 18), the housemates wake up to the sound of the siren and proceed to the garden area, where they perform the BB Anthem.

Vicky Jain is also making an effort to persuade Ankita Lokhande and the others that they ought to rebel against the Brain Housemates by declining to complete the assigned responsibilities.

Arriving at that point, Neil Bhatt corrects him, telling him that what happened in the previous seasons doesn’t need to happen again.

Arun Mashetty, Tehelka Bhai, and Sana Raees Khan joke around and lighten their mornings while debating who gets to do what.

When Samarth Jurel arrives, the three inform him that the group he is part of is

Bigg Boss taunts Vicky

Mannara Chopra, in the meantime, is chatting up Munawar Faruqui about how she feels Khaanzadi is attempting to read her and is becoming too close to him, which bothers her.Mannara nods as Munawar assures her that she can always choose not to comply with her commands.

Munawar then walks to the bathroom area to warn Sana not to put her dirty clothing on the sofa there or he will dump them on the ground.

Munawar informs Sana that she’s free to toss other people’s clothes on the ground, but Sana threatens to do the same. This leads to an argument.

While Abhishek and Mannara enjoy the Dal, Samarth and Anurag Dobhal dispute with Manasvi Mamgai for not cooking it as per their orders.

Afterwards, the roommates

She yells that Bigg Boss should bring her into the confession room so she may leave the show, declaring that she will no longer be paying any attention to Khaanzadi.Shaking his head, Khaanzadi claims that Mannara is the one who really wants attention.

Howeer, Samarth and Isha argue, and he even pushes her away, causing the cup to fall from her grasp and cause an injury to herself.

Later, Isha visits Samarth to try to diffuse the conflict after he complains to Abhishek and Vicky. However, she becomes enraged and ends up telling him that she strongly disagrees with his behavior and that she will break up with him if he continues in it.

Vicky gives Samarth a signal to follow her, and Samarth follows

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